Casino Tax Rebates – How To Get A Gambling Tax Rebate

A great many people do not realize that they may be entitled to casino tax rebates that were withheld when they gambled at a legal US casino and had part of their winnings reserved for the IRS. A gambling tax rebate is offered for those who are not citizens of the United States and were visiting for travel. In order to get this rebate, a person has to prove that they are a legal resident of another country and prove that they went to the United States as a tourist, where they happened to win money at a casino.

This scenario occurs all of the time, especially in Las Vegas, a city that is build around the gambling industry and many people from all over the world decide to visit. Those who are visiting for fun and happen to win big at the casino will find that the casino withholds 30 percent of their winnings for the IRS. This is based upon the IRS requirements that US citizens pay their taxes on all of their income and makes it easier for the IRS to collect this money from its citizens. However, those who are not under an obligation to pay US income taxes may be entitled to a gambling tax rebate. Casino tax rebates are for those who are from another country and can prove their residence.

Getting a gambling tax rebate entails dealing with the IRS. Casino tax rebates require you to complete certain forms from the IRS as well as provide the right documentation regarding the taxes that you paid when you won at gambling. You will have to provide them with your win slip from the casino that states the money that you paid in taxes as well as proof of your trip to the US, your legal residence and the fact that you were gambling for fun and not for profit. This information is collected by the IRS that decides upon issuing casino tax rebates. Getting a gambling tax rebate from the IRS can take some time as this government entity does not move very quickly with regard to returning taxes that have been collected.

One way that you can get casino tax rebates is to use an online company that specializes in dealing with the IRS to obtain the gambling tax rebate for non-US citizens. There are time restrictions as to getting the gambling tax rebate as well as restrictions on who can obtain the casino tax rebates. You can find out the criteria and if you qualify for these rebates by going online to a company that can help you obtain your gambling tax rebate.

Casino tax rebates can be very substantial, especially if you won quite a bit of money during your trip. It is usually well worth it for a non-US citizen who is not under the obligation to pay the tax to pursue this matter with the IRS. However, because this process can be frustrating and time consuming, as well as confusing for someone who does not live in the United States, many forgo their gambling tax rebate. If you are a citizen of another country and have won big at a casino and had taxes withheld, you should be aware of the fact that you may be entitled to a gambling tax rebate. Casino tax rebates can really add up to a lot more money for you and can be obtained by using an online company.

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